My Whole Being is Healthy


So you're feeling stressed or tired, needing a moment to relax? Have you noticed pains and aches in your body that just seemed to "creep on"? Are you seeking  rejuvenation of your psyche?  Quiet time so that you can reconnect with your essence? Wholesome renewal? You get the picture.

You found the perfect place. This is the sort of session you leave feeling more in your body, feet grounded on the Earth, and present in the moment. You may in fact feel a tremendous difference in your mind even if you came because of physical pain.


My name is Tamara, and I'm here to facilitate a healing journey for you - it is your journey and it is now, so don't keep putting it off for another time. For one on one sessions check out Services, for group movement classes, click on Movement Wellness.

Thanks for checking out my page and please contact me for further information @ 204-453-5781.

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